Monday, July 17, 2017

My work on TV, Movie Theaters etc in UV and simulated animal vision

So if you would like to see some of my work on TV or on film (updated 07 2017), here you go ...

Work for BBC London:

BBC ONE Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds (HDTV)
BBC TWO The Science of Plants - How to Grow a Planet (HDTV)
BBC Four - Colour: The Spectrum of Science (HDTV)
BBC Science Interview on Bees and their UV Vision (HDTV)


Work for Sir David Attenborough:

Kingdom of Plants (HDTV for SKY 3D and IMAX Theaters; in 3D stereoscopic)


Work for the German TV:

ZDF TerraX "The Magic of Colors" (HDTV)
ZDFZeit about UV Sun protection (HDTV)


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