Friday, October 19, 2007

Simulated Bee Vision II

Today it is about simulated Bee Vision which I find quite fascinating. Bees and some other insects do see ultraviolet (UV) light, what we humans cannot (with the exception of some people, but that is another story...). So I wondered how that would look like if I could see with bee eyes.

I tried to simulate that by adding an ultraviolet and visual picture together after some tricky aligning plus I suppressed the red channel which bees don't have. Here now the results, UV is mapped into the resulting picture as blue.

The leftmost shot is the visible one, the center is the UV shot and the one on the right the simulated Bee Vision. Some other examples:

So what would we humans see, had we UV receptors? That I guess...

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...

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