Tuesday, March 31, 2009

UV images exhibition - Hutter im Schloss, Weinheim, Germany

[click on image to see a larger one]

Well, in case you are around our wonderfull small town Weinheim, Germany, I invite you to pay a visit to our famous top class restaurant "Hutter im Schloss" http://www.hutter-im-schloss.de/

and to have a look at six of my UV works which are on display there now. 

The restaurant is wonderfully set as part of the historic ensemble of  "Schloss Berckheim" which forms the center of the historic center of Weinheim on top of a local hill and streches into the wondefully set "exotic park" which was the hobby of the nobles who lived there many years ago. So you will find 50 meters tall redwoods from the US westcoast, trees from China and all over the world. The largest Lebanese cedar tree north of the alps also grows here since 300 years.

Well certainly worth a walk and a nice rest at that fine restaurant with local foods and some inspiration from Spain (Perelada region), where the Chef, Jan Hutter, has worked many years and brought some nice recipes with him.