Friday, August 14, 2009

BBC new series "Invible Worlds" incl. Bee, Bird, Butterfly etc. vision

Well, I have been granted permission to mention it: BBC London has asked me to contribute my work of the invisible to their new three part science series "Invisible Worlds" which will be on air in spring 2010. The first part of the series will be about the natural world and things we humans cannot see, but other species can, like bees, birds, butterflies, spiders etc. because it may be in a spectral area not accessible to our eyes or other senses, but to them.

That was quite a challenge, to transfer my special still life photographic technique into the world of HDTV film, but after some weeks of intensive work especially on filtering and lighting, I found working solutions to that.

We filmed it in HDTV end of July in the UK in their studio and an outside location, using my special lenses + filters I have developed, to show (simulated) how bees, butterflies, birds etc. may see the world in comparision to how we do see it.

Results of that work I cannot show yet, but if you have a look at my recent works presented in my UV BLOG here, you may get a glimpse what it will be about...

Once the digital edit and cut has been done and the air date will be available, I will notice it here for those who have access to their BBC1 Science programme!

This is from some prep work I have done before, wide angle shot of Rudbeckia fulgida between red Echinaceas and prairie grass [click on image to see a larger one]:

Here more current info on Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds at BBC1!

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...

More info on this very interesting field may be found on my site