Monday, August 25, 2008

UV enhances the resolution

I have always talked about here, that UV photography enhances the resolution of the images by a factor of about 546nm/365nm = 1.5x, so today some proof that this theorem holds.

And here now the results of these test shots, identical conditions, shooting a piece of old sandlewood, using my UV Rodagon 60mm lens @f8, Baader U-filter, Nikon SB-140 UV flash .

Visual shot is left, UV shot on the right (bw version) [click on image to see a much larger image]:

And here a recent shot using the UV Nikkor 105mm, Xenon flash at f8, left UV shot (Baader U-filter 310-390nm, right shot white light, unfiltered) of skin (female hand, afro-american heritage)

It gets quite obvious, that the resolution of the UV shot is much higher.

Should I find the time, I will re-shoot that test using a monochromatic light source for UV, such as my Nichia 365nm UV LED lamp and a narrowband filter for visible light also, such as 546nm (green), and again compare the results then.

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...

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