Monday, January 15, 2018

American Natural History Museum exhibit "Our Senses"

The exhibition project management of the American Natural History Museum had asked me to participate with some of my works for their forthcoming 2017-2019 exhibit "Our Senses", which has already opened its doors to the public November 20, 2017 and it will last until Sunday, January 6, 2019

(quote AMNH) Every day, we perceive the world around us through our senses - including sight, smell, hearing, touch, balance, and taste. But as it turns out, for humans “reality” isn’t ever exactly what it seems. In this highly experiential exhibition, explore 11 funhouse-like spaces that dare you to trust your senses - then show you how what we perceive is not simply a window into the world around us but a product ofour brains. Plus, discover why we have senses and what’s unique about human perception during an interactive session hosted by a live presenter. (unquote)

 (c) AMNH

My contribution will be some of my multispectral Rudbeckia fulgida flower images, demonstrating the difference between our human vision and the vision of a butterfly and a honey bee (simulated).

(c) AMNH, Dr Klaus Schmitt

It also includes some images which help to understand what monach butterflies may see, as it allows visitors by using a push button to switch from their human vision into butterfly vision on 3D modeled flowers.
(c) AMNH

I'm certain this exhibit is visually stunning, as well as highly educative since it is interactive and suited for interested individuals as well as families, their kids and school classes.


Go have a look, it will be well worth it!

If you like to have a look into the Educator's Guide, HERE is the link to it!

For further reading here is an interesting, quite more detailed article about this exhibit and here Scientific American has written about it.

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...