Thursday, January 13, 2011

[UV, IR] A surprising lens without UV + IR focus shift IV: EL-Nikkor 5.6/80mm

Well, I had mentioned that my orchids started to blossom again, so why not take a chance and try out an old friend: EL-Nikkor 5.6/80mm (the older black/chrome version)

The sequence is: UV (through Baader-U), VIS (through UV/IR Cut filter), IR (through B+W 092)

[click on image to see a larger one]

and here the same sequence but showing left and right differentials (VIS-UV, VIS-IR):

No focus correction was done during the shots using a single 400Ws adjustable Xenon flash and ND filters to balance out the exposure differences, so as to ensure an identical light direction.

And here a multispectral composite image by assigning UV->blue, VIS->green, IR->red and combining into one image without further ado.

I find that result quite interesting ... as it hardly shows focus shift, but hardly anyone seems to use it ;)

P.S.: the 80mm EL-Nikkor (the older, chrome black full metal type) has an adapter ring on its base with outer M39x26tpi screw mount (Leica enlarger mount). Beneath it is a M25 thread for older #00 shutters. Company Schneider Optics offers adapter rings, if that one should be missing (oder code 92-013251).
P.P.S.: the filter thread of that older EL-Nikkor 80mm is 34.5mm, which is pretty uncommon, as me if you need an adapter ring.

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...

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