Thursday, November 1, 2007

Simulated Bee Vison III

It is again about Bee Vision. Here now something I am currently making up my mind about:

These first two images are the visual and the ultraviolet shot:

and now different UV remapping algorithms would be possible, to simulate how bees would see, taking into consideration that they only see UV, B, G and we see B G R channels.

1) This one now transposes or maps the "Bee Image" linearly down into our color space:

The linear color mapping results into quite some red in the resulting image.

2) This one maps the "Bee Image" non-linearly and compresses the UV a bee can see into our short wave spectrum (which I have to admit won't work well with blue or violet flowers):

This non-linear mapping now maps into our complete human visible spectrum.

3) This one is like the one above, but takes into consideration that bees can't see red, so the red channel is suppressed.

Since all these three mappings have a "scientific base" I am still making up my mind which one I like best, but I personally tend towards #2...

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...

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