Friday, September 11, 2015

Carl Bosch Museum Heidelberg Special Exhibit Fascination Color with simulated bee and butterfly vision images II

Today about the opening event of the "Fascination Color" exhibit at the Carl Bosch Museum, Heidelberg Germany which will be open from 12. September 2015 - 3. April 2016. Some of my best works will be shown in human vision, in simulated bee and butterfly vision.

Here the introductory text: "How do colors come into existence? What are colors used for? What really is color? These and many other questions are answered by the exhibition and illustrates how broad ranged the subject of colors actually is. With many exciting exhibits, visitors learn that we see colors not only with our eyes and experience how other people and animals see the colorful world. The symbolic and social meanings of colors are explained, as is the extraction and use of historic natural colors, up to modern industrial dyes." [translation by me]

The scientific background of colors are demonstrated with live experiments, how it was found out, color models from history up to now explained, color temperature and the effect of different light sources, as well as natural pigments and dyes from ancient times to todays are being shown.

The last two pictures shows the animated video with my works showing the difference between human, butterfly and bee vision with various flowers with a very prominent UV pattern. Beneath there is an explanation how evolution has started with tetrachromatic vision and how that has developed over millions of years into the various types of vision today.

If you find time to, pay it a visit, it will certainly be worth going with your whole family!
The Carl Bosch Museum Heidelberg has been founded and is being actively supported by Gerda Tschira, wife of recently deceased SAP founding member Klaus Tschira . The non-profit Klaus Tschira Foundation promotes the advancement of natural sciences, mathematics, and computer science and strives to raise appreciation for these fields.

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...