Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spider Web reflects UV to attract prey

Another find: I was reading some time ago a paper that spider webs would actually reflect ultraviolet (UV) light, so as to attract prey (insects like bees etc). Well it just happened that I found a web in one corner of my balcony, so why not using my "bee vision" filter XBV2 take some shots and test it out?

[click on image yields a larger one]

Spider web tetrachromatic shot (UV+B+G+R) using XBV2 filter:

and now the proof that it actually only reflects UV+Blue light be taking away these two channels and just showing the Red and Green channel, which hardly shows anything of that web:

But the UV+Blue only (without G+R) makes it pretty obvious that the web is indeed pretty visible in ultraviolet light!

I just wonder how nature accomplishes that, to attract insects using a high UV reflection of that web and at the same time scare away birds which may pick the captured prey away and destroy the web?

I have many years later in 2019 shot this again HERE

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...

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