Sunday, February 10, 2008

X135: Spring is here!

Spring is here finally! So I grabbed my unmodified Nikon D70, a tripod, that calibrated X135 UV enabled lens, the great Baader 2" U-Filter mounted on a Nikon AF-1 gel filter holder and a Nikon PN11 extention ring to do some flower shooting in that wonderfully maintained Freudenberg park here across the street in Weinheim/Germany where I live. So enjoy some sets in visual and UV light (visual light / UV)!
[click on image to see a larger version]

I find it fascinating, how nature has hidden so many beautiful secrets from our human eyes but allows others like bees and insects to see that. Now, modern technology allows us to reveal these secrets. Take the 2nd set for instance: That crocus reveals some interesting UV pattern shown as light patches which are highly UV reflective spots. Insects and bees can see UV, so they will be attracted by that to find the sweet nectar and the pollen. But look closer at the visual light shot. Do you see that very faint blueish spot where the reflective spots on that UV shot are? It is there, we just overlook that so easily....

So I hope you enjoyed a few glimpses of spring 2008 with me!

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...

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