Friday, February 17, 2012

[UV] Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet

A Valentine's Day flower bouquet - so here it is as it looks like in reflected ultraviolet light. It was shot using my UV sensitive camera and a special, high UV transmitting lens. Filter used for the UV shot was the 2" Baader-U filter and a modified high power Xenon flash was the light source used.

[click on image to see a larger one]

These UV image here also uses my standardized false UV color normal + high intensity palette:

I found it quite interesting how detailed the flower structures are rendered using that lens that reaches down to about 300nm, quite rare actually. That same lens was also used for the primrose shots I have published about earlier

So I wish everyone a belated Happy Valentine's Day!

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...

More info on this very interesting field may be found on my site