Sunday, December 20, 2015

Amber Tree autumn leaf in reflected ultraviolet photography

Today about a fallen to the ground colorful autumn leaf of an American Sweetgum - Liquidambar styraciflua tree in reflected ultraviolet photography using my "work horse" UV filter, the Baader-U. Lens was my UV-Nikkor 105mm quartz flourite lens. Light source was sunlight. All shots were done at f8.

[click on image to see a larger one]

 This how it looks like usually (different leaf)

Diptych: Human vison (left side), reflected UV (right side):

This amber tree leaf shows fine leaf structures in VIS and reflected UV, but in UV larger dark patches get visible, where this leaf shows damage and decay, and all this gets nicely visible.

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gasometer Oberhausen Museum, Wonders of Nature Exhibit 2016

The project management of Gasometer Oberhausen Museum has asked me to participate with some of my works for their forthcoming 2016 exhibit "Wonders of Nature", which will open up its doors to the public March 11, 2016 and will last till December 30, 2016.

(quote) The forthcoming exhibition at Gasometer Oberhausen celebrates in visually stunning images the life of plants and animals – the highlight will be a 20 metre large terrestrial globe in the gigantic interior (unquote)

(c) Gasometer Oberhausen
My contribution will be some images of a Zinnia haageana flower in very large prints, on display in their exhibition area below that globe, demonstrating the difference between our human vision and a simulation of that of a honey bee.

Triptych Human Vision, UV, Simulated Bee Vision (left to right):  

I'm certain this exhibit will be visually stunning, as well as highly educative and suited for interested individuals as well as families and schools. Go have a look, it will be well worth it!

I have written about that flower HERE

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...