Friday, November 25, 2011

[UV,VIS,IR] Staeble Lineogon f3.5 / 35mm wide angle lens for reflected UV

Here some test results using the Staeble Lineogon 3.5/35mm lens for reflected UV photography, as well as for IR after having done some successful transmittance tests as shown here on my BLOG



VIS-UV differential:


VIS-IR differential:

UV-IR differential:

[please ignore the shadow image in the last three images caused by ND+IR stacked filters, this is unrelated to the lens performance]

In summary one could say that the lens performs quite well; there is some focus shift, but rather small. No wonder actually, since Stable was the subcontractor of Novoflex, so the Noflexar 3.5/35mm and the Lineogon 3.5/35mm share the same optics based on my research. The mechanics are different though, as the Lineogon has a quite smaller barrel and also lacks the close-up focusing mechanism teh Noflexar is so famous for. It also has a M39 thread mount, but not a Leica register, as it once was made for the Braun PAXETTE camera, having a 44.0mm register.

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...

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