Friday, September 14, 2012

Achromatic Quartz Fluorite Lens: Ultraviolet Photography and Simulated Bee Vision

Well, I had taken apart some older equipment a while ago and have extracted the quartz fluorite optics that was hidden in it. I now have added some focusing helicoid, as well as I had some front and rear adapters made to mount it. Results of using it I had shown here and here and today will even show a few more results using it. A yellow Gazania flower in its last stages served as a model for some multispectral shots, all at approx f8-f11.

[click on image to see a larger one]

Visible light shot:

Simulated bee vision using XBV3 filter :

Simulated bee vision using XBV2 filter:

Simulated bee vision using XBV6 filter:

UV using Baader-U filter:

It only has a quite small focus shift of about 1/2mm when shooting macro, but that could have been expected from a well corrected quartz fluorite lens.

UV transmittance is also quite good, as was expected from a quartz-fluorite lens and stays rather flat even beyond 300nm.

More about that used quartz fluorite lens is  HERE.

Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...

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