Saturday, January 29, 2011

[UV] Lenses tested good for UV

This is simply a collection of links to tests I have done for various lenses in terms of UV transmission and UV focus shift. Some also contain IR tests. No specific order and no ranking implied. Only lenses tested I own; if one seems to miss, I simply don't have it.

• True Lenses for UV: UV-Nikkor 105mm, Coastal Optics 105mm
• Lens Comparison: UV Nikkor 105mm, COSI 105mm, B&L 9"
• Carl Zeiss UV-Planar 4/60mm
• Schneider Componon lenses for UV
• Rodenstock (now LINOS) Rodagon lenses for UV
• Steinheil lenses for UV
• EL-Nikkor enlarger lenses for UV
• EL-Nikkor 3.5/63mm vs 5.6/80mm
• EL-Nikkor 75mm - 80mm - 105mm for UV?
• On EL Nikkors for UV Photography and a Myth
• EL-Nikkor 5.6/80mm lens without UV + IR focus shift
• EL-Nikkor 80mm vs 105mm UV and VIS comparison
• EL-Nikkor 80mm - old vs new
• Micro-Nikkor 105mm for UV photography? Not...
• Novoflex Noflexar 35mm vs EL-Nikkor 80mm UV - VIS comparison
• Wide angle lenses for UV
• Eight 35mm wide angle lenses tested for UV
• Petri Kuribayashi f3.5/35mm for reflected UV
• A comparative, subjective shootout of lenses for reflected UV photography
• A comparative, subjective shootout of Lenses for UV Photography ... Fluorescence
• Rudbeckia - a study of lenses for UV photography
• Transmittance of some Bellows Lens Heads
• Old Achromatic Quartz Fluorite Lens for Ultraviolet Photography
• Old Achromatic Quartz Fluorite Lens for Ultraviolet Photography (ff.)
• Hamamatsu A4869 UV lens f3.5/50mm for reflected UV photography
Stay tuned, more will follow on that fascinating subject...

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